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Hoarding is described as excessive collection of objects (and in some cases animals) combined with reluctance to discard the collected objects or animals.  Compulsive hoarding becomes a major heath concern when it adversely affects general health and wellbeing of the hoarder (or other occupants of the house especially children), becomes a fire hazard and impairs the hoarders socio-economic wellbeing.  Simple functions such as cooking, cleaning, moving through the house and even sleeping become hazardous and difficult although the hoarder him/herself may not recognize it. As many as 5% of our population have hoarding problems, yet there are still those who go unnoticed.

Neuropsychologists find great association between hoarders and emotional dysregulation, difficulties processing information, formation of intense emotional attachment to various objects, and unwillingness to lose or waste opportunities. These behaviours are strongly correlated with abnormalities with frontal cortical regions of the brain (International OCD foundation, 2001).

Brilliant Cleaning Services Ltd. provides assistance to hoarders in managing their collections, including organizing, cleaning, donating and disposal of the problematic objects. In doing so we use decluttering, good healthy energy flow, also using trained, professional, discreet, and compassionate staff. When required for our clients we also provide a more supporting environment by bringing in a councillor to assist our clients needs and concerns when immediate health and safety issues are at hand.

This helps maintain a supportive and nurturing home environment in a stressful situation. Brilliant Cleaning Services also makes use of a professional decorator and organizer as well as a disposal company to collectively help our clients improve the quality of their lives. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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